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109658-gregory_brothers_617_409Lately the term auto tune – sorry, auto tune-gate – has been synonymous with The X Factor scandal due to auditionees allegedly cheating. “Like, *OMG* No way, R U SRS?!” But as I am neither a sweating ITV executive nor the Editor of The Daily Mail, you could not fathom the immensity of  the frigg I do not give.

Haven’t you heard? Auto Tune has a new meaning round these parts. Thanks to a YouTube comedy sensation my brother referred me to, only one thing springs to mind upon hearing the phrase Auto Tune, and it isn’t T-Pain….it is…..*eeeelectronic drum-roll*…..


A New York-based comedy group known as The Gregory Brothers (above pic) have shown the world – and Kanye West – that a bit of lazy audio magic needn’t be dished out to talentless rappers but instead used to edit news clips featuring real people – because it’s bloody hilarious! These ‘unintentional singers’ are currently beating Usher in the download charts and are even giving the R’n’B genre a run for its undeserved money – all down to a little voice-enhancing.  A Creature Comforts for the iPad generation, if you will. (My sincere apologies, Nick Park).

Once the initial novelty passes, the unintentional ‘tunes’ are actually incredibly catchy songs in their own right (honestly!):

‘Bed Intruder’ song

When a young man from Alabama described his sister’s attacker for the WHNT News, I doubt he expected this to happen.

‘Mommy and Daddy’ song

But this has to be my favourite at the moment. The context? Fairly awkward as a young girl has walked in on her parents mid-coitus. Ironically, her explanation of what she awoke to hear belongs up there with the finest love songs and booty jams this side of Brooklyn. This one goes out to all the parents what’s got babies and still makin’ babies. Fo sho.

I realise everything sounds cooler in an American accent but why stop there? ‘Auto Tune the BBC news’ would be a right laugh! (Reserved for the sport and boring political matters, obviously. I’m not a complete psychopath). I can’t help thinking we’d all be less outraged by the Tory result in the General Election if David Dimbleby had dropped a phat hook bass line. And you can run and tell that, Paxman!

This is Rebecca O’Kane signing off from my bedroom, England, Planet Zogg to listen to these lolsome tunes all over again…